How to make huge money with affiliate marketing in 2021

What is going on everybody jr fisher, here it is friday it’s the, end of the week if you have. An end to your week i don’t have.

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Now today i’m going to talk about affiliate marketing and i have literally attacked this at every angle.

I’ve been an affiliate.

I do affiliate promotions um.

I am somebody who has affiliates for my products and i mean both digital physical products. I mean every every angle you can think of.

I’m involved in um that so let’s see paul.

So i’m currently on parole.

She lets you out right.

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Let me just sit here: real, quick: it’s hard.

When you get up in the morning and your voice, i haven’t used my voice at all.

I haven’t spoke to anybody or anything, and then i jump in here and i get all loud with you guys.

So i apologize for clearing my throat, but that’s what’s going on uh thanks brother james paul, is saying hello to you. There, okay, so we’re going to talk about affiliate marketing today it is so awesome guys.

I got to tell you, i love it.

I love it, love it love, it love it so much um right now! I’m just talking to you guys right.

We’re just kind of talking and conversing, and you know we’ve got james, says glad to see you back with the pack paul there you go paul there you go buddy, they missed you uh, but right now i’m just talking to you Guys, and did you know i’m – making money right now right now, i’m making money here’s.

Why? Because this video, when it’s over with it’s, live right now, but it’s going to have links in the body of it and those links are affiliate, links that go back to amazon and when people click on them and they buy those Products or they buy any product because they click to one of my links.

I make money and how often do i make money every single month, every single month and every time i do another video and i have links in it.

My income grows every single month.

Every single month, every single month now that is just one form, but i got ta tell you.

Affiliate marketing has taken off like no other area of making money online.

It is literally a multi billion dollar uh industry. Now it’s one of the most passive income streams for building long term wealth.

I mean my my affiliate.

Income goes up every single month and it goes up every single year, year after year after year, it just keeps building, because i keep putting links out there and i keep getting money and not to mention the fact that the affiliates that sell my products like my Survival, foods and stuff like that are constantly growing too.

Every month i have more people and share a sale.

I have more people on clickbank, they’re selling my courses, my digital products, my survival food every single month.

It goes up it’s, crazy and all i got ta do is talk.

All i got ta do is show up, and literally, if i stopped right now that i never did another video never did anything.

I would still have money coming in.

For i don’t know months or maybe years because of stuff i’ve already put out so i i want to talk to you about that today and kind of share with you.

You know how that works, uh glad to see you back paul there. It is affiliate.

Marketing really is a process of earning a commission by promoting other products that you don’t even own.

I mean what could be better than that seriously.

What could be better than that? Uh people or companies will run their own advertisements or do search engine optimization to get traffic to whatever it is they’re selling that’s it.

The easiest way for a company to acquire customers is to create a free, a free affiliate program.

Like you know something on clickbank um, something on share sale now, i think, share a sale.

I had to initially pay like 500, so my dollars to set it up uh.

But now i have money coming in every single month off my survival foods um.

What happens? Is there’s like a tracking cookie? So when i send you know, when i set up an affiliate link once people click on it, that tracking cookie is going to remain there for a day or a week or a month or three months or whatever it is it’s going to remain there And i keep getting paid on that, which is really pretty darn cool unless somebody clears their history and that cookie goes away, but that’s how it works.

Basically, that’s the overall i’ve been in affiliate marketing now for gosh. When did i really start doing it? I want to say about six years ago, five or six years ago i got into it late.

I mean i should have been in it 10 years ago, but i didn’t understand it.

I didn’t know what to do, but i’ve made so much money, so much money off affiliate marketing and literally i’m making money right now.

As i talk, i know that there’s affiliate links out there, that people are clicking on that.

I’m making money on and i’ve got to be honest with you when i benefit from something like this, and i see how profitable it is.

I just want to share it with you guys.

I just want to say look man, you guys got to do this too.

You just got to do it.

I earned all these commissions and you can too you don’t have to be special for this.

Okay, the thing is the more you do it, the more money you make and the longer you do it, the more your income goes up. These leads are going to generate you affiliate marketing income for weeks months years to come.

These are things that gosh you just got to be doing it you got to.

I’ve been able to build a really good audience in the how to make money online group and the survival group.

So i’ve got these two different groups and i can make money on affiliate marketing on both of these and the beauty about affiliate marketing.

Is you don’t have to create a product you don’t have to be an expert.

You have to do any of that.

All you got to do is generate traffic and have people click on your links that’s it that’s.

All you got to do and really traffic like.

If you think about youtube, they generate the traffic.

For me, i just put the links down there. Okay, and i put some content up that’s.

All i do so it’s a win win: it’s, a win for the company that’s selling the product, it’s a win for the person who promotes it.

Okay and it’s a win for the customer because they’re getting something they want.

Um, i just i i can’t impress upon you enough how if you aren’t doing this, you’re missing the boat.

You may think well, jr.

I don’t have many people looking at my videos, i don’t have many people looking at my blogs right now.

I don’t have that many, but you will okay.

If you keep doing this stuff, you will so why not get all those links set up now? Why not have an affiliate account with amazon? Why not go to share a sale? Why not go to clickbank? Why not go to these companies and in just a minute i want to talk to you about the top niches, because there are top niches for this uh.

Let’s see what else we got here.

I really like how you, both you and flame city, do the links for product affiliate commissions. Yeah, i mean the thing is when people watch one of my videos they want to know what equipment i use, what camera, what microphone? You know what lighting i use.

So i just put the links there and if they click on it, cool um, but they don’t even have to buy that product.

If they buy anything on amazon, i think it was within 24 or 48 hours.

I can’t remember what it is.

I still get paid so it’s like they don’t even have to buy the product.

All you got to do is click that’s it that’s – all you do is look at.

It is uh the anyway.

Oh, is there any way? Oh any benefits to going to affiliate events like affiliate, east or west yeah yeah.

I mean there really are if you know how to work it um.

I went to um shoot the big affiliate one in bangkok, thailand, and i think that was in 2016 or 17, and i was interviewed there as what uh you know. They interviewed me for the entire convention, which was pretty cool uh and, if you want to you, can search that you can put in.

You know bangkok, affiliate, jr fisher and you’ll find that link um to the interview that i did uh.

But i was talking about it back then, how you know if you guys aren’t getting into you’re missing out.

I mean how many years are you going to let this go by and not make any money on this i mean if you’re, publishing anything online.

Anything you need to have affiliate links attached to it.

You need to because it’s an opportunity for you to make money.

You don’t do anything for it.

Man, you don’t have to do anything.

All you got to do is put the links there um.

What are the links for us to request to act as your affiliates? Well, that’s a great question richard um? Actually, you would go to share a sale and all my products are listed on share a sale, so you can go there. You can also go to clickbank, i have products listed there and you can search under my name, i think uh, but uh.

If you want, you can also send me an email and i can have my office.

You know get you set up as an affiliate for my courses, uh.

Also, if you’re in kartra, i have a lot of my products in kartra that are affiliate.

Now, i think about i,’ve got shoot affiliate, stuff everywhere, uh, where people can promote.

My products and i make money off that stuff.

Every day i mean it’s like i’m, not even doing anything.

Sometimes i feel guilty because i’m not doing anything for it uh, but my office could help you out if you need any help with that too uh jessica’s in the office uh margaret could help you or billy any of those people could help.

You out with it.

Let me just sit here, real quick, so i’m still packing um and uh here,’s, the cool thing i can be packing and getting ready for my move and i’m still making money on affiliate stuff. So let’s talk about the top niches.

Okay, that’s really important, that you get the right niche um a niche is basically a topic or a genre genre.

That sounds fancy doesn’t it um there’s a whole lot of different niches out there i mean there’s tons of them.

There’s, hundreds, maybe thousands um, but i want to talk about the top three, the top three.

Now the reason these niches are so profitable is that they are universal.

Okay, everybody can get value from these.

Each of these niches has a sub niche when you’re first starting out, and i suggest going more narrow with your niche rather than broad everybody thinks i want to go broad that way.

I’ll hit more people you will, but the problem.

Is it’s not as targeted so it doesn’t ring as loud in their head.

They’re not as willing to click on it. Um many thanks and the best email um.

I would use um, for you know i have so many emails.

I’m trying to think of the best one um try support at jrfisher uh.

You can also go to info it.’s, survivalcave food, probably the best one – would be info at survivalcape food yeah.

I would suggest you do that and let’s get into uh those niches.

What are those niches number one number one it has been for since the beginning of time, i think and probably will be in the future, but it’s health, health.

Now health is really really really really broad.

Okay, uh, because health could be mental health, it could be physical, health uh.

If you go down the physical health thing, it could be weight loss, it could be bodybuilding, it could be uh.

You know yoga, it could be there’s just so many things in health. When it comes to the health niche people search for solutions on the internet to their health problems, you know it could be fatty, liver, it could be diabetes, it could be there.’s so many things under health, one of the biggest sub niches for the health niche, is weight, loss, okay, weight loss that has been around forever and forever.

There’s also some niches that exist within weight loss.

Okay, it could be.

You know uh pregnant women trying to lose weight.

It could be men over 40 trying to lose weight.

It could be teen weight loss.

I mean it could be so many different things.

Um there’s many different ways to lose weight: okay, uh! When you get into this say: weight loss, you know there’s, ketogenic diet.

There’s fitness there,’s; pilates, there’s yoga uh.

There’s intermittent fasting. There’s, so many different things.


You know the um shoe what’s the one crossfit diet thing.

I can’t think of it right now: uh.

Basically it’s low, carb type stuff, but you can find a lot of affiliate programs that will allow you to promote their products.

That are related to these subcategories and if you’ve got a list of people that are in this niche, all you got to do is mail out to them, but you can also run ads.

You can also you know.

Uh run ads on facebook on youtube and send people to these offers, and you can make money off that you don’t have to create a product that’s the cool thing.

Let me get a sip here, real quick, the next one up the next one up is what wealth, wealth or money or whatever you want to call it wealth and that’s kind of a niche.

I’m in right. I teach people how to start running, make money online start running, grow online businesses and wealth is a big one.

Okay, now wealth could be broken down once again into many different things.

It could be stock investing, it could be real estate, investing it could be earning money online uh, it could be selling stuff in e commerce uh.

It could be investing.

It could be so many things you know.

We live in a society that values making money.

They just do they value making money.

Now some parts of our society want to show it off.

I don’t like to show it off.

I like to show off how i don’t spend money. Okay matter of fact, when i’m starting, i’m starting a cooking channel here real soon guys.

You’re going to see that, but i think it’s going to be great meals on a low cost budget, because because you save some money on a meal, doesn’t mean it’s not good.

So you know that will fall into wealth.

Actually, people want to know how to make more money, they want to know how to start a business.

They want to know how to get out of debt.

Of course – and i will tell you number one way to get out of debt – is make more money and pay off your bills as silly as that sounds that’s really how you get out of debt um how to be a freelancer.

Maybe they want to manage a team, maybe they want to invest their money uh i recently bought into cryptocurrency.

I have not done well, okay.

I am not going to do a course on crypto currency.

I have not done well. I haven’t really lost much.

I’m trying to see where am i at today or my cryptocurrency.

Where am i at? I have apps for everything i’ve lost a tiny bit of money, uh and i lost most of it on dogecoin uh.

But you know what i’ve got three different cryptocurrencies i got ada, i got doge and i got det.

Those are the ones that i have right now uh, but the thing is uh that’s, not something i would teach, because i’m, i haven’t made money doing it.


So how can i teach that? But there are a lot of people that do want to learn and wealth.

There’s a lot of people that want to learn how to make money in e commerce.

I’ve done that.

I’ve been successful at that, so i do teach that there are people who want to learn how to make money through affiliate marketing. I’ve done that.

I’m teaching it right now.

I feel qualified.

You know to talk about that.

I’ve been interviewed on this subject.

Uh i’ve written on this subject.

I’ve done videos on this subject.

If you go to my channel, which you’re at my channel now – and you were to search all the videos, you would find videos on affiliate marketing um.

So all that information is there um.

So those are some of the ways you can make money in wealth. Okay, wealth is a big area.

Uh let’s see.

I see quite a few sites that do credit cards.

I’ve heard that that commission is large.

It’s, not large.

It’s crazy, big, crazy, big.

However, the problem with credit card promotion is, if you’re, going to buy ads.

The ads are crazy, expensive.

The ads for credit cards are just mind: blowingly expensive, like 10 20 times what a normal ad would cost but credit card promotion.

Yeah is very, very profitable if you can get people to grab another credit card, it’s very profitable, because these credit card companies make so much money off their credit cards. Okay, that’s.

Why i don’t carry balances on credit cards that’s? What i do and i have like 17, i think credit card 17 or 18 credit cards.

I have a lot and i have that just so.

I have a large credit availability and i have it because every time i see a card that’s doing a new offer, i’ll grab it.

You know like if you put five thousand dollars in this card, we’re gon na, give you 150 bucks.

Well, i spend a lot of money on credit cards anyhow through my business, so i might as well put another card and get paid 150 bucks that’s.

What i do that’s, why i have a whole bunch of them, but i don’t.

I don’t have anything on them, uh.

Why not bitcoin or efurium uh a couple reasons: bitcoin is extremely volatile.

It went from, i think, thirty, two thousand fifty six thousand back down to 33 000. It’s all over the place, uh and i think it’s hit some other higher levels now too um.

So i think that’s, one of the reasons i don’t like it.

I did some research on three other coins that look like they’re, going to do really well uh same thing on the other one ethereum i looked at that and it just you know it.

Doesn’t seem like it’s going to have as much upswing as some of the other smaller ones that i looked at uh, let’s see.

The average person keeps a credit card for eight years.


I didn’t know that i mean i keep my cards for years and years and years, a matter of fact.

I never get rid of my credit cards uh and i’ve got you know it’s funny because i’ve got like.

I think two or three american express cards.

I’ve got the blue, the uh, the wells fargo one i’ve got. You know several of them uh, but i have a whole bunch of different mastercards, a whole bunch of different visas.


Depending on what the program is, i never pay fees with the exception of one.

I have one that i pay a fee for uh and that’s, my black card uh, but i you know that one there i’ll put 30 40 000 a month on that card.

I put a lot of money on that card, but i get back um um, probably fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars a month on that card on average uh.

So i make a lot of money on that card.

Um so yeah that’s, a great area, wealth, is a great great area, uh and then i’m going to get into the next one, and then i also want to talk about um some of the platforms.

You can actually do some of this affiliate marketing on my throat’s, clearing up, i’m not having to clear it as much that’s a good thing, but put your comments in there.

What do you think about these areas? What do you think about wealth? What do you think about health? What do you think have you done anything in these areas and guys? Once again, you may be listening to this and it’s not live, and i get that the majority of the views i get on.

These live videos is after the fact. So, even if it’s not live, you can put comments in the comments section below that won’t appear.

While i’m live it’s only the chat section, but if you do that, i can come back and answer you so feel free to do so.

I like what you said before in that you don’t promote what you don’t use.

I think that’s important it’s vastly important guys, um don’t don’t promote junk okay, because that’s, your brand uh anytime, you promote junk and people get bad results from junk and junk could be a a terrible digital course.

It could be a terrible physical product.

It’s just junk.

Okay, do not promote junk.

If you’re doing that it’s going to hurt your brand people are going to trust you.

You spend all this time and i know i spent a lot of time building up trust by giving people good products by giving people good information by not bsing people.

Okay, i’m not going to ruin it with a bad product, so i can make 50 or 100 bucks, and this is stupid. I wouldn’t do that um.

I read that the us dollar may go to blockchain huh.

I didn’t know that i’m.

You’re, you’re, probably more well read than me james.

You really are.

I didn’t know that um, but i i do think uh.

I don’t know what i think i don’t.

I don’t understand blockchain, i mean i know it stacks upon each other and there’s always a trail of what happened prior to it.

It’s like an excel spreadsheet kind of it kind of blows my mind to think about it.

I don’t quite understand it all right last one number three, but this is not the last of the information i’m going to give you next. I’m going to tell you where to go: to make money is relationships relationships now, if you think about relationships, that is a huge niche, because what is relationships? It could be parenting right that could be relationships.

It could be how to make friends that could be relationships.

It could be dating.

That could be relationships there’s, so many different things relationships are an important part of most people.’s lives whether people are looking for love or they want to improve their current relationships.


It could be you’re already married, and you want to improve the relationship you’re already in there’s lots of different products in relationships niche that can help these people.

Building in relationships is one of the biggest commitments people make.

Okay, which means that people will be more willing to pay for solutions to their relationship issues: okay and it’s also uh.

Since it is relationships, it’s usually a non physical product, it’s a digital product, so you can make a lot of money off digital products.

Uh relationships. Some niches – can include everything from you know dating uh.

It could be.

I don’t know infidelity.

It could be like i said parenting.

It could be dating advice for women.

It could be dating advice for men uh.

You know how to be more confident in life and there’s so many different things that have to do with relationships um, so that’s a huge niche.

So i would say any one of these: you got health, you got wealth and you got relationship.

Are there more, of course, there’s more.

A lot of the other ones that are niches are really sub niches of one of these three, though, if you think about it, let me get another sip here and then, of course, there’s how to how to anything. Okay, you can just fill that blank in uh.

If you want to have some fun, go to google and type in how to and then put the letter a and it’s going to have a list of all the things people are searching for and then go in there and put how to and put The letter b and they’ll have all the things they’re searching for.

You just go through the whole alphabet and you can find thousands and millions of different things that you could do affiliate relationships.

Excuse me affiliate offers with online.

Now, where do you do this stuff? How do you get set up? How do you start doing this? I’m going to give you some of the top ones.

The first one is click.

Bank clickbank is awesome.

I have used clickbank for years.

I make money.

Every single month off clickbank uh, if you have a product and you want affiliates it’s a great place to go. I do have products there and i have affiliates there.

They sell my products.

If you just want to look for products, you can do that, and the cool thing about clickbank is: when you go there, you can search by gravity, which means popular ones.

If they’re popular and a lot of people are selling them.

That means you’re, probably going to be successful at it too.

So i would, i would tell you clickbank click funnels has a lot of affiliate offers in there too, you can go to clickfunnels uh, you can go to cartridge cartridge.

Is my number one recommended uh software for online marketing? I will have a link for cartridge in the description at the end of this video once the description appears and you can go watch a video on cartridge, but you can actually promote cartridge or you can look for other things that are in cartridge that people have Put there because they have an entire area of that uh.

Like i said earlier, you can promote things on amazon, amazon associates or amazon affiliate program.

You can sign up for that.

You can, you can have it ready in like two minutes. Okay, you could be an amazon affiliate.

Another good one is commission junction, uh, commission junction is a good one and you know i could go on and on and on and on about all the different ones out there uh, but there’s.

So many of them.

You know all you got to do is type in affiliate networks and you’re going to find tons of them out there.

Can you post your affiliate program on multiple platforms, uh yeah yeah? You can put my affiliate program on several platforms.

That’s not a problem, i’m addicted to amazon, buying a wide range of products.

So how should i focus as an amazon affiliate well buying on amazon and be an affiliate on amazon? Two different animals uh, i’m, addicted to amazon too, and i hate it because they put a lot of people out of business and they undercut a lot of people but um as far as amazon affiliates.

All you do.

Is you sign up for it? Okay, you sign up for their affiliate program and then once you do that you find any product on amazon, doesn,’t matter what it is.

You go up to the top left and you’re going to have a little thing. You can click on and it will generate a link.

It will generate a picture and i have actually a video on my channel on that.

That shows you how to do that and then once you get that link or that picture you can take and put that in your blog, you can put it on a video uh.

You can put it on your website.

You can put it wherever you want and when people click that that is associated back to you and then you get a commission now here,’s the thing with amazon: you have to send people to those links and you have to make money every six months.

So if you go for six months and you’re using these links and nobody clicks on your link or nobody buys anything from your links, they will cancel your account.

They’ll cancel it’s done it’s.

Over with all your links will be dead, every link that you’ve put up is no good anymore, and you have to reapply for the amazon affiliate program which you can do and you can get another one in you know two three minutes not a big Deal but keep in mind if you aren’t selling anything from that link on amazon for six month period.

If you don’t have any sales, they will cancel your account.

They’ll. Let you know uh that they’re going to do it, but they will cancel your account and keep in mind all of your links that you have will not work.


Somebody told me the other day you told me they wouldn’t work, but i clicked on one of my links and it’s still working the link will work.

People can still go there and see the product you just don’t get paid.

Okay, so once they cancel your account, your links will still work, but you don’t get paid.

So what you would have to do is let’s say you set up a amazon affiliate link and you, you know, sent people to.

Excuse me amazon, but you didn’t make any money, but then you’re going to have to go back through and replace all those links with your new account.

Every single one of them.

So do keep that in mind.

Uh – and i had to do that in the beginning, because when i first started, i didn’t know how to drive traffic to it, and i set up my amazon account and nobody went there and after six months they canceled me linked still worked. So i thought i was making money, but i wasn’t so i had to reapply for the amazon affiliate program and i had to replace all of those links so that’s what i would tell you okay.

So how do you get traffic to your site if you’re driving them to your site uh, one of the best ways to do this is through content marketing? Okay, whether it’s a blog, whether it’s youtube videos, whether it’s a podcast social media channel any of those things.

The best thing is content marketing.

It’s a great way to build a strong relationship with your audience.

I’m doing it right now.

This is content marketing.

I’m doing a video showing you guys how to do affiliate marketing.

Uh people are going to be more likely to follow your advice and be interested in checking out what you have to offer once you,’ve established trust with them.

Okay, that’s.

What i’ve been doing for years, i show people how to make money online. They make some money and they go.

Oh that worked, i think.

Maybe i’ll buy something from it, because they did what i told them and they made some money.

Video content is a great way to reach audiences and sell affiliate products.

It really is um.

This is what i do consistently on my youtube channel, okay, and how i’ve been able to create such a successful affiliate, marketing business, uh, plus all my other products.

Uh next thing is email marketing you,’re gon na need a platform.

I suggest cartridge k a r t, r, a you will find a link to carter, like i said earlier in the description, but when it comes to email or affiliate marketing, the most powerful strategy is to build an email list.

You got to build an email list.

Now, here’s, the truth, i’ve got a couple email lists. I’ve got my email list that teaches people how to make money online.

I’ve got my email list of survivalists.

I can take either one of those lists go out and find a good affiliate offer and send an email to those lists and within minutes i’ll have money in my bank account within minutes now that sounds insane.

I think it’s insane, but it works and i make money off it uh when it comes to affiliate marketing.

The most powerful strategy, like i said, is to build a list when you’re creating content online.

You’re attracting visitors and viewers.

Your goal should be to get a certain percentage of people to opt in and subscribe to your email list.

Now here,’s, the thing that prevents people from doing this they say: well, i didn’t get much of a reaction.

I didn’t have that many opt ins, so i’m going to quit doing this.

You can’t quit it. You’re not going to have a whole lot in the beginning.

It’s going to take time to build this up, but here’s the thing that people tend to forget: if you, if it takes you two years to build a big list – and you say my god – i don’t want to invest two years.

Two years is too long.

I’m just going to do nothing.

Well, if you do nothing for two years, guess what happens? Nothing two years is still gon na pass.

Six months is still gon na pass.

Ten years is still going to pass.

You might as well be doing something in that period of time to build your health, your wealth, your relationships and the best way to do that is put forth some effort.

When it comes to collecting people’s, email address and building a list, i would suggest you use cartridge to do it.

It’s the best service, it’s, a service that allows you to send automated, follow up messages to your subscribers. Let them know they’re on the list and send any marketing to them.

So you want to scale this thing once you get it going, you really want to scale it up right.

The first step of affiliate marketing is to get your first commission just get your first commission.

Think of it.

That way make your first five dollars your first ten dollars once you find something that works, and you understand how to get that first sale.

You can do this by tracking the stats of your blog, your social media, your youtube channel, you can use google analytics and you can then repeat it over and over and over.

You want to know how much traffic you’re, sending to an offer, and you want to know what you’re getting back the conversion rate you want to know what your conversion rate is.

How well is it converting uh, just uh curious is porn and affiliate product, not in my value system but curious.

If people are doing it, i’m sure they are.

I mean i don’t. I don’t know anything about that niche, but i would imagine it’s wildly popular.

I remember hearing somebody talk on some interview one day about porn and they were saying that their percentage of people that actually ever buy anything is incredibly small but incredibly profitable.

So i don’t i don’t know much about that industry.

I don’t even know how to drive traffic.

To that.

I can imagine how you would probably drive traffic to it and i stay away from stuff like that.

I just never have gotten involved in it uh, but i’m sure it’s profitable.

I’m sure it is so that is really an overview guys of affiliate marketing.

If you want to get more depth on affiliate marketing.

Excuse me, i have videos on this channel that you can just type in affiliate in my channel search bar uh. You can find videos on that.

I walk you through it.

I show you how to set up uh.

You know your analytics.

I show you how to set up amazon affiliate links, because i think james was asking about that um.

So it’s not that hard to do and you got to be doing it.

I mean if, if you’re online, why not? Why not have some affiliate links and what i do with my affiliate links is i put them in my pre uploads, so i’ve gone into my channel and i’ve typed all these affiliate links in the area that always pre upload so anytime.

I put a video they’re, always on that video.

I don’t have to type them every single time they automatically go on that video and that’s setting it up in advance, and i forgot what you call that area, but it’s in the settings.

I have a video on how to do that too. You can search my channel for that uh.

What is the optimum amount to start with youtube ads uh in a in affiliate um? Do you mean like spending money reheal, i’m, not sure and welcome were healed too.


Sorry, i didn’t say hello to you: um um, i i know on youtube ads.

I like to start with like five or ten dollars a day.

Uh but i like to start with a whole lot of keywords, like maybe 100 200 keywords, i like to uh target my competitors channels, my competitors, keywords when i do uh and i’m doing youtube ads right now, but when i do my youtube ads, i, Like to have a whole bunch of different videos, i think i got five different videos that are running right now for different youtube, ads um, let’s see so yeah.

I hope that kind of answers your question a little bit um.

What is the opt in? Okay, that question came through twice.

Yes, he says so.

Your budget uh overall budget um, i would say 50 to 100 a day. I know that sounds like a lot of money uh, but that’s, you know you could do it with less.

The problem is, when you do it with less you,’re going to get your data a lot slower, but you certainly can do it and the idea is to get data real fast, so you can kill the bad ads and scale up the good ads.

Do not do youtube ads without training, though boy? Oh boy, i mean they are really really complicated.

If you try to do this without training, you’ll be screwed.

I mean you really.

Will you’re gon na lose a lot of money, so started again on exercise good good, that’s great paul? I’m really proud of you.

Man, i really am definitely better living through chemistry.

Alive is my new friend.

You know i’m going to tell you something um, you need to read dr john sarnal.’s book healing back pain, healing back pain, a lot of the pains that we have are really our mind, trying to block us from doing something uh.

He gets into what tms is uh and the epidemic of back pain, uh and how it doesn’t it exists, but it doesn’t exist. You got to read his book uh.

He talks about how most back surgeries are unnecessary and so are a lot of other pains in our body.

Your body, when you do something that is difficult, is going to try to stop you from doing it.

It may be a knee pain.

It may be a back pain, but really there’s nothing physically wrong with you.

I know this sounds crazy.

You got ta, you,’ve got ta, listen to dr john sarnael,’s book uh healing back pain, uh.

If you listen to that uh and i got the audio book, it’ll blow your mind and you can actually wipe out a lot of this pain that you had your entire life uh and i know i’ve used some of it.

My wife has used some of it.

We understand that pain mostly, is here it’s in your it’s in your head. It’s your body trying to prevent you from doing something, and there’s really nothing wrong with you.

If you go to a doctor, they’ll find something wrong with you.

They’ll put you on medications.

They’ll want to put you in therapy.

They’ll want to operate on you they want to.


I had a doctor who wanted to operate on my shoulder because i was having shoulder pain.

I have zero shoulder pain, now: zero uh and i i can do uh.

Yesterday i did uh day four yesterday i did 133 push.

Ups. 133.

No shoulder pain whatsoever.

A few years ago i had a hard time lifting my arm up like this, so read his book.

I know it sounds insane that you can cure these pains with reading a book, but you can.

I had knee problems and through exercise and reading his book.

I have zero knee problems now i can do.

I can do a whole lot more than i can ever do before.

Read his book.

It’ll blow your mind, got back pain, check out.

Dr john bergman. I don’t know him.

Let me see uh, this is the guy i’m.

Talking about.

Let me see i got ta get out of here soon i got ta go to lunch, but i wan na show you guys something, and here it is healing back pain and what i’m gon na do.

Is i’ll hold it up to the screen uh and then you guys can find it there.

It is it’s a number one result.

This book has 3982 reviews four and a half stars.

So let me kind of hold this up here guys.

I would recommend this book for anybody, even if you don’t have pain, get this book all right.

Let me tilt it, so it’s there it is. Can you guys see that healing back pain, the mind body connection? This is amazing, guys look at the reviews.

I mean to get that many reviews that is crazy check out.

That book, though uh my wife and i both have read it uh.

We both practice what it says in there we’ve, both gotten results in there.

Uh matter of fact, i don’t know anybody who’s read this book, who hasn’t said it.’s changed their life.

It really will so if you’re, if you’re getting pains as you get older check out this book man, i’m not kidding you uh.

When i was injured on the job i had to get rehab and through core exercise.

I got pain.

Free, do you and jessica use supplements uh? Yes, yes, we do.

She uses more than i do. I don’t use that much supplements.

I use a little bit uh and i’m.

I’m one of those people.

It’s kind of on the fence.

It’s, like i don’t know if these things are really helping, i don’t know if they really do anything for me uh, but i know they probably won.’t hurt me, so i might as well take some that’s, where i’m, at with it jessica, has a big belief in a lot of these supplements and essential oils, and all that she uses a lot of that stuff.

My son uses supplements.

He’s a bodybuilder.

I showed you his picture the other day.

Um thanks, have had back pain for 30 plus years richard dead, serious buddy, dead, serious.

You got to read dr john sarno’s book and he’s boring. So i would almost recommend getting the audio book uh.

He’s really boring.

The guy is really boring, but his information is mind blowing it will.

It will bring stuff to the front of your mind and you’re going to go holy crap.

I didn’t even realize this.

I’m not kidding you please in a matter of fact, if you do – and i hope you do read that book come back to me and tell me what you thought of it, let me know what you thought: uh.

It’s, it’s it.

He talks about this thing called tms and he gets into how your mind works and how it sends pains to different parts of your body and how you can cure those things through these little daily mental exercises.

Man, it’s so worth it so so worth it.

Thanks for sharing the book brother, i’m not kidding you paul. Do it do it? Do it thanks for all the valuable suggestions, peace and blessings everyone uh see you all tomorrow we are nearing the end.

I’m at oh, my god.

I’m at 40 minutes supposed to be at 30 minutes.

I think i set up my own rules.

I don’t i set up my own time uh, so i am going to get out of here guys we’re going to go out to lunch today.

If you follow me on facebook, i will be posting wherever we eat uh.

Sometimes it’s a little hole in the wall place.

Sometimes it’s a nice place, but we do spend friday together.

We spend that time together we make time for that.

Uh ordered and only 6 19 pounds thanks richard. Thank you so much and buddy.

I know you’re going to love this.

I know you are and it’s going to help you.

It will help you.

I don’t care what stage you’re at what kind of pain you have it’s going to help.

You will it cure every single thing: no, it’s not going to cure every single thing, but i tell you what it cures about 99 of stuff.

You’ve got it.

You just got to read this book: it’s, it’s, mind blowing! So paul says: have a great lunch today.

Brother hope packing is going well have a great weekend gang cheers uh.

I do appreciate that guys i am going to get out of here. I thank you guys very much for being here.

I thank you for your input.

Uh and we’ve got some new people in here and if you’re new, do me a favor.

Please subscribe hit that subscribe button down there, don’t forget to ring the bell turn all bell notifications.

So you’re notified each time.

I upload a video or i go, live, give me a thumbs up on this video.

I would really really appreciate that that would mean a lot to me.

Uh guys i will be around tomorrow.

Uh i’ll be here at 10, a m and i’m going to be talking about gary vee.

If you’ve ever wondered about gary vee and how he got to where he was. I am not going to have gary vee on my channel.

Okay – and somebody said, oh, you,’re going to have gary vee on live.

No, i’m.

Not gary v is not going to come on my channel, okay.

I am not at that level.

However, i am going to give you all the insights and it will be the next best thing to him.

Talking to you so join me tomorrow, it’s going to be at 10 a m.

If you’re on my email list, you will get emails about that uh and i will be talking about garyvee.

So until then guys i will see .

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